Sunday, June 24, 2012

Lync Auto Response

I created the Lync Auto Response application for those employees who need to respond to the micro-managers out there. It works with Microsoft's Lync instant messenger/communicator application.

Its very rough, and I'll try to improve it over time. But, it achieves the task of auto responding when you're not at your keyboard or whatever.

It also will keep your Lync status (or presence) online to "Available", regardless of what your admin gives you as the max 'inactivity' timeout.

I have some ideas for other features and if you have any suggestions, feel free to add them in the comments, or send me an email.

Here is a screen shot:

Download Here: (in Google Docs click Ctrl-s to save the zip file)

I've now posted it as open source on GitHub:

You'll need .Net 4.0


  • Auto Reply to new Lync Messages
  • Turn Auto Reply on/off 
  • Only Auto Reply and Move mouse during specified hours
  • Move mouse wheel every 10 minutes (or specify)
  • Send response to user (turn on/off)
  • Response 1 and Response 2


  1. Needs an AIML parser! (

  2. I thought about that... but the chatter bots responses would probably get you fired, e.g.:

    You: do you know where the documents are posted for the project?
    Anna: A planet we call "The Earth".

  3. Can you change it so it will save the messages I typed? and start-end times?

  4. Love this! It doesn't seem to auto reply if I am using the computer. Is there something I am doing wrong?

    1. Hmmm... the app is running, correct? i can try to help but i need some more info. can you email me more details? thanks

  5. Hi Sepehr,
    I'm unable to download this app from the link posted on this page.
    Could you please provide an updated link?


    1. Dear Google Docs Software Developers,
      Learn how to code.
      thank you

      Roger - i updated with a new link. Google Docs capitulated itself.

  6. So a couple of things I would like to see would be a pause button - working in a call center, this is great as I am the IT on the floor for problems, but when I go to break or lunch I want to press a button to pause the app from auto-responding! I would also like to see the ability to select certain groups that I can assign one response & select another group to use a different response for! Also when I recieave a lync message, it usually goes to the first person to respond, so the ability to send the auto response as soon as the little window pops open above the clock, let it pop open as soon as it appears and the response sends out!